Thursday, June 23, 2011

The shirt that became a pillow

Having major stay-at-home-mom-I-have-no-identity-of-my-own syndrome, I have been trying to get back into doing creative things to have somewhat of an outlet.

After discovering husband's shirts have teeny holes in the bottoms from his belt pulling on it when he sits, I made the decision to retire them and turn them into pillows for our soon to be office in the new house.

I'm somewhat happy with the turn-out but have a few things I'm going to change for the next 2 shirt pillows...

I stuffed it with polyester batting that my mom had for when I was going to recover her chairs. Next time I would get actual pillow stuffing so it's not so lumpy looking, and I'd stuff it wayy more for a fluffy lil pillow.

Hanna loves it, though! She's been carrying it around all morning and pushing it in her stroller. At least I have one fan!

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