Sunday, January 30, 2011


I got a rest this weekend! Curled up in my bed, by myself, puppy curled up at my feet. Ahhhh... that was nice...

I found a new show on NJN (which I never watch, I'm not sure why I stopped there..) called "b. organic" which was all about making eco friendly things. I only caught the end of it, but I looked it up when I got up from my rest and was looking through the site at projects. I found one where she was packaging up home made dog treats.

I felt like baking something but not for myself, being that I already ate an entire batch of cookies I baked the previous week, so dog treats it was.

I found a recipe that was super simple and got to work.

The dough... a little oil, some whole wheat flour, some AP flour, and peanut butter - that's IT! Mix it up & roll it out - I rolled it out on wax paper for a squeaky clean space & easy clean-up.
Then I used one of my many little cookie cutter things from Williams Sonoma to make the shapes! Would have been cute if I had little dog bone shapes. Which reminds me, I want to start a cookie cutter collection!Take extra dough scraps ball it up, roll it out again, get more treats!
I was able to roll out scraps from this too, and get even more, but I spared you the pictures. I used every last piece of dough and got close to 50 pieces! The recipe called for about 2 dozen.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes and wah-la! Happy puppies.
I wish I had a better picture of the finished treats, but I don't. And I wish I had a better picture of the packaging I made with the empty peanut butter jar...but I don't. Rats.

The ones in the jar were for my mom's dogs... I just cleaned it out, removed the label, and wrapped a paper around with a bow w/ the dogs names on it. The one in the red container is for our pups, and the baggies are for Jay's sister's dog and his parents dog.

This week, I hope to make home made pretzels and/or home made ice cream, start working on a family tree for Hanna, and finish a painting. :)

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