Monday, January 31, 2011

Playing favorites

Here is a little tour of my very favorite things in my kitchen!!

1) Keurig coffee pods!! Especially the Kona Blend.. YUMMMMM.

2)The magna doodle! Okay, not so much of a traditional kitchen item, but I stole it from Hanna and I use it to post the weekly dinner plan! Sorry, Hanna...
3) View from the kitchen sink window... I will miss this when we aren't living here anymore.
4) Dried chili peppers! We had excess of these and didn't use them in time, so I strung 'em on thread and hung them up. Now they are crispy and beautiful. :)
5) Sprouts on the window sill! I have 3 of these little pots sitting on the window sill. I planted the seeds about a month ago. There was zinnia, basil, and baby sunflowers. One pot's seeds never made it, but I don't know which one, so I am anxiously awaiting the surprise to what the other 2 are going to grow into.
6) My teapot! It reminds me of something straight from my favorite Disney movie -- Alice In Wonderland. I never use it, but I love looking at it every day. Friends of my mother-in-law had given it to me at my bridal shower.
7) Lime green dish washing gloves complete with ruffles, polka dots, and a bow - can we get any cuter here? My mom got these for me from Sur La Table. My hands are super dry in the winter so now when I do the dishes I slather on some lotion, slip these puppies on, and wash away with hot sudsy water. When I'm done and take these off, my hands are SO soft. I almost, almost enjoy doing dishes now.
8) My favorite set of glasses! One for each season. Sometimes I get a little bit anal and won't use an out-of-season glass. I'll use the spring/summer in the fall/winter, but I have major issues using the fall/winter ones in the spring/summer. I snagged them at "Vintage Alley" in Verona for like $10. Love them!

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