Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cupcakes & breadsticks

Yesterday as I was reading all the blogs I follow, I found some about one blogger's recipe for a "Single Lady Cupcake." A recipe for just ONE cupcake - perfect for someone like me who could easily eat more than one at a time. I tried it out and loved it - perfect when you need a sweet little smackeral of something!

Last night I made one for Jason, but I baked an oreo stuffed inside of it, topped it with a scoop of oreo ice cream, and drizzled it in chocolate syrup. I think he liked it? I'm recalling something along the lines of "it tastes like a pancake." At least it looked fancy...

Today, I used our garlic-herb pizza dough that we got at Trader Joe's last weekend (99 cents!? 99 cents!!!!) to make bread sticks. I took it out of the fridge to warm up a bit for 20 minutes or so, then rolled it out, cut it into strips, twisted them, and sprinkled garlic powder. I baked them in a 450 degree oven until they were golden brown. We had it with spaghetti and salad.. delish!

These would be cute to make and put in glasses down the center of a big table for a dinner party.


  1. I did indeed like them. It didnt taste exactly like a cupcake (hence the pancake comment) but it was very good still.

    The oreo filling was an excellent surprise. :)

  2. Oh and the breadsticks were delicious too!