Monday, February 21, 2011

Souper dee Duper

I made soup adapted from Emeril's Cream of Broccoli recipe tonight, and I LOVED it. I don't think Jay liked it as much as I did though... he didn't eat as much as he usually does. He swears he liked it, but I don't believe him. :)

I am always intimidated at the thought of making soup, but this was really easy and turned out yummy and filling. I am definitely going to be making it again

My sister-in-law typed out the recipe and sent it to me, so I don't have a link and can't find the exact recipe she had. But here are his original ingredients/what I used, and the process I's a bit different from the original, anyhoo :)

3T olive oil--I never measure oil, do you?
1c. sliced leeks, the white part -- I used 1 small organic onion
1lb. broccoli--I used a 1lb. frozen bag of organic broccoli - easy breezy
2 bay leaves
1/2t salt
1/4t pepper --I never measure S/P either...or any spice, for that matter :)
1/8t allspice--We don't have allspice, so I used a mix of cinnamon, ginger,
and a teeny bit of Chinese Five Spice powder
1/2t garlic
1/2t thyme
4c. vegetable stock
1c. milk

Heat oil in a pan. Add onion, broccoli, bay leaves, S/P, spices. Add stock, bring to boil, reduce to a simmer and leave 15 minutes. *Take out bay leaves.* Add milk.

Puree in batches in blender. The first batch I pureed TOO much, and the second 2 I did a bit less. Next time, I will probably puree it even less.

We had it with shredded cheese on top and home made croutons a la Jay.

Views from our meal:

Peek-a-boo A)
Peek-a-boo B)


  1. Haha love the pics of the critters trying to get the food.

    And I did like it a lot. I had two bowls, which is about how much I usually have.

  2. i think i'll try to make this sometime. i wonder how it would taste with soy milk? also--crouton recipe please?

  3. I'm sure it would be good with soy milk! Ooh, I wonder what coconut milk would taste like with broccoli...

    Croutons: Choose bread. Cut bread into squares. Broil squares until crunchy. DONE. Season before you broil if you wish! Easy breezy.