Thursday, February 17, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Sometimes, when you have a 1.5 year old, you need to get creative with breakfast ideas to keep her interested. When this happens, you raid your cabinets and refrigerator to see what you can put together that has a bit of nutrition and a bit of interest and a bit of something new.

Last Friday when this happened, a little something I like to call "Flower(ish)-breakfast Friday" was born.

It looks kind of like a flower.... right? I wanted a stem, too, or a leaf, but couldn't figure out what to use.

Ritz crackers (not your typical breakfast base, but at least they are organic?), topped with flax seed almond butter, a slice of banana, and a cinnamon cheerio. In the middle: organic blueberries.

She gobbled this up!! Wonder what I will come up with for tomorrow morning... probably nothing fun, because I will be dashing out the door to get my pearly whites cleaned.


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