Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Blankey!

For Hanna's second Valentine's Day, she got a homemade cozy blankey! She is in loooove, and it's such a simple thing to do, I don't know why I haven't made these before.

I got the fabric at Joanne Fabric... 1 yard of owl print fleece, and 1 yard of plain pink fleece. Match them up together, cut a square shape off of each corner. Then cut strips about 4" long and 1" wide all along each side. Tie strips together around the blanket, and wah-lah!

A cozy blanket! When I gave it to her, she didn't want to put her coat on to go out, she wanted to be wrapped up in it and carried out to the car. Awww.

In other news, my Valentine got me a KINDLE! Totally unexpected. I downloaded about 15 free books (one full of chocolate chip cookie recipes!), and am trying to figure out a book to buy - suggestions for a good, light read??

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